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On the outside I have self-identified as a school teacher, a mother, a masseuse, a switchboard operator, a landlady, a personal chef and a myriad of other identities. Yet in the deep recesses of my heart I always wanted to declare “I am a writer.”

Most of us have obsessions of one kind or another. My obsession started as a young child, most likely in an attempt to escape boredom, confusion and fear. To express my wonderment and unending curiosity I created stories. Before I could write, the stories existed in my head and I would occasionally get so entranced with my own inner meanderings that I would end up bumping into walls or crashing into inanimate objects.

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Once I could write, I spent a lot of time transcribing these stories into notebooks and eventually into a computer. My first novel Aquarian Meadows (unpublished for now,) tells the story of a young woman raised on a commune in Northern California. I was sometimes up until 4 am pounding out a frenzy of words – a kind of insistence I couldn’t escape. I felt absolutely compelled to write. Writing had become my deepest passion and little has changed since then. I have recently self-published a book of short stories I have written over the last 25 years – Attempting Flight stories by Raven Wolfe. Where these stories came from, I am never quite sure. My writing seems to be birthed out of the blend of memory, imagination and inspiration. I also create collages, which are included in this website. I really can’t draw, but I know how to cut and paste and glue and arrange images to express my inner-most sensibilities. Please browse my website.ere

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New Book

Attempting Flight
by Raven Wolfe

Please go to my Books page for more information.

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Book now on Kindle!

My book Attempting Flight is now available on Kindle through Amazon books. I thank everyone who has supported me in this great adventure.

I welcome your comments and would love for you to post a review, either on my Amazon Book page or at the bottom of this page.

Read a few excerpts from stories in Attempting Flight on my book page.

Also, my book can now be bought at Chaucer’s Books in Santa Barbara.

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